Christina works to support charities, churches and businesses in building communities through music and laughter. For more information please see below…
  • Church

    Christina's Christian faith is very important to her and she loves to use her gifts to help and support churches wherever she can.

    Outreach - Sutton Bridge Community Gospel Choir was run in association with the local church and was very successful in reaching out into the local community. Christina also studied with the Pioneer Church Planting group at Ridley Hall Theological College in Cambridge and has been a part of Pioneer support groups since then. She is happy to run training and mentorship programmes for church members to use music to reach the wider community. She is also happy to run workshops for you, or to work with you on a regular basis if you are close enough (she is based in Rayleigh.)

    Worship – Christina has led worship bands and singing groups for about 25 years. She is happy to assist churches in training up their singers and musicians both musically and in thinking about what is 'Worship'.

    Dogs (yes, really!) - Christina is also a highly experienced dog trainer having twice competed internationally as part of the British Team at the Open European Championships, twice at the Crufts Freestyle Finals and having worked as Head of Training and Behaviour for ICC Dog Training centres. She does a variety of talks and displays to the public (including Canine Freestyle and Heelwork-to-Music… dancing with dogs) and is happy to talk about her faith as part of them should you so wish. For more information about her as a dog trainer please see www.eventdogs.co.uk


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  • Community

    In everything that she does Christina tries to build community and relationships through fun (laughter is as regular in rehearsals as singing!) and a supportive atmosphere that is modelled and copied. She is constantly amazed as to how choirs can become family that support each other through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. If this is what you're trying to build, let her help you…


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  • Staff Training Days

    Christina is by nature a pioneer and an entrepreneur. She has an unusual set of training, skills and experiences that are informative, inspiring and greatly beneficial to a wide variety of businesses, charities and groups of people. Her experiences range from being a member of the British Team for 2 Open European Championships (competing with her dogs) to leading choirs, church groups, training up dog training instructors, working with a wide variety of clients from music pupils and dog training clients to other musicians in bands and choirs. At Cambridge she studied a variety of subjects from pastoral care and listening skills to change management and personality types. Modeling co-operation from working with (sometimes less than co-operative!) dogs to the harmony and unity of a choir, she has built and worked with teams (both large and small) of volunteers and has a knack of leading and inspiring wherever she goes. She particularly enjoys finding people's gifts and talents and will help you to take the 'square peg' from the round hole and find their own unique place within your team or company. Understand how to inspire and lead with vision whilst enabling your team to become all that they can be.  

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