Violin & Piano Teacher - Rayleigh

In 1999 Christina obtained an Honours Music Degree with the violin being her first study instrument and the piano her second study. Since then she has worked as a piano and violin teacher both privately and in schools. She teaches the violin to the highest grade, grade 8 and the piano to the lower grades. (She always wants to do an excellent job of teaching and therefore would rather pass pupils on to a piano specialist after this point.) She loves her teaching and this shows in her work as she is fun, encouraging and supportive as well as teaching great technique and musical ability.

Her pupils range in age from young children to adults well into retirement. The youngest age that she takes pupils is age 6, however she encourages parents to surround their children with music from birth, from playing music to them, singing with them and encouraging them to march around the kitchen banging a saucepan with a wooden spoon in time with the music and other musical games! This builds a good musical ear as well as confidence and a sense of fun that can be built upon when the child is old enough to be able to learn to read music and count lengths of notes. (She has found that children who are started (by other teachers) before this age often make such slow progress that they become discouraged and give up.)

Christina offers free help in finding the best violin (including the correct size) or piano her pupils are able to afford – please ask for help before buying!

Music Lesson Fees - £17.50 per 30 mins (other times also available)
Lessons are at Christina's home in Rayleigh

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